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Publisher’s Weekly: “While Baum doesn’t have all the answers, his solution that both sides come together to promote gun safety is both admirable and prudent.” (Top ten social-science books of the year.)

Kirkus Reviews (starred review): “Engrossing.... Though many liberals will dislike Baum’s conclusions (and gun rights crusaders may distrust him regardless), he offers a thoughtful corrective to the mutual ideological hysteria surrounding the issue of guns in America.”

Booklist (starred review): “If you come into this book convinced of the need for tighter gun control, you’ll probably leave the same way, although you will leave with a deeper understanding of the many reasons, political and personal, why people love their weaponry.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “A surprisingly funny book, Gun Guys: A Road Trip is an insightful exploration that brings some much-needed humanity to gun lovers and gun haters.” (Also ran in the Miami Herald.)

BookPage: “Well-written, thought-provoking and often humorous....Gun Guys is the sort of readable, information-rich book that could change minds.”
NY Journal of Books: “‘Gun Guys’ is smart and informative—an education for anyone the slightest bit curious about why gun owners are so passionate about their guns. Dan Baum’s stories are alive, engaging, and earnest.”

Dallas Morning News: “For those who prefer humorous, literate and honest discussion about (guns) to frothy ranting, Gun Guys will hit the spot.” (Also ran in the Tulsa World, the Columbus Dispatch, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.)


Buzz,  Excerpts, Interviews, etc.

Mother Jones: “He tackles this polarizing subject with an anthropologist's eye, and in the end wonders if the left's anti-gun sentiment distracts from a progressive agenda that working-class gun guys might support—if only they didn't think Obama was coming for their arsenal.”

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The Wall Street Journal: “For every yahoo in the gun culture prattling on about world government there are nine guys (and girls) who simply like to shoot.”

Jewish Daily Forward: “Meet Aaron Zelman, the Jew Who Loved Guns.” An excerpt from Gun Guys.

Politico: “Ten New Political Books for the New Year.”

Outside Magazine: “A Liberal With a  Gun,” a chewy  interview with Jason Fagone

Dallas Morning News blog: “Armed idiots near you! Also, Gun Guys by Dan Baum”

NPR: “On Point.” Even more interesting than the show, perhaps is the vitriol of the 600+ comments.

CNN: “Starting Point.” About 90 seconds of talk about the book amid two hours of blather about celebrity haircuts, celebrity insults, etc.

NPR: “The Takeaway.” A short, but uncommonly good, interview with John Hockenberry.

The “What Liberals Need to Understand About Gun Guys.” A thoughtful interview, with unusually calm and intelligent comments by readers.About_Gun_Guys_files/Minneapolis%20Star%20Tribune.pdf “Why Liberals Should Support Armed Self-Defense,” by Jeffrey Goldberg, with dozens of telling comments

KPCC (Southern California Public Radio): Fairly good interview chopped up by extremely irritating pledge-week begging.

Gun Talk Radio: Pretty good short interview, from the gun-rights perspective

TV and Radio appearances

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Newsday: “Baum can still shoot, as demonstrated by a riveting chapter on some arduous gunfight training he endures. But more important, Baum can write. Schlepping among the gun lovers with this guy is unfailingly diverting as well as illuminating.”

WNYC: “The Brian Lehrer Show.” Good, short interview, and the comments below demonstrate that urban liberals can be just as rude and ugly on this subject as the gun guys they revile.

US News: “Author Says Arming Urban Youth Might Stem Violence” Only problem? Author said no such thing.

Washington Examiner: Three weeks after my Wall Street Journal article arguing that gun guys should lock up their guns, the Obama administration launches an ad campaign to get gun guys to do just that.

Seattle Times: “On Baum’s road trip, he became more deeply immersed in the gun culture, and the resulting journey inside his head is . . . fascinating.

Beaufort Observer (North Carolina): “It is interesting and funny. But most of all it is enlightening.”

Newark Star-Ledger: A quirky little piece that argues that the problem is not the prevalence of guns, but of men.

Mother Jones: Good long interview with a magazine not usually given to the gun-guy point of view.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: “His descriptions of the frequently awkward encounters are pitch-perfect.”

Fox News: “Happening Now.” Good short interview, here embedded in the ArmsVault gun blog.

New York University: An hourlong videotaped discussion before an audience with journalism professor Robert Boynton.

The Gambit (New Orleans): “The strength of Baum's book is that he doesn't drink from the tap of conventional wisdom.”

The Gambit (New Orleans): Q&A with me.

New York Magazine: Brief plug on their Do! page. “As a writer, Baum doesn’t have it in him to lay down a dull sentence. (Gun Guys) is wise, considered, delectably written, fun to read and wholly lacking in tendentiousness.” (Also ran in the New Haven Register and on Newsmax.) “Don’t Let Emotions Obscure Gun-Control Debate,” by Jeffrey Goldberg, a nice discussion of Gun Guys.

Los Angeles Times: Rather snarky interview with reporter’s agenda-driven mistakes edited in. Pity. Reprinted in the Austin American-Stateman and the Knoxville Sentinel.

5280 Magazine: Good, if short, author interview.

Daily Beast: David Frum quotes the Mother Jones interview, and the comments fly.

Boston Globe: “An evenhanded and witty exposé of hardcore firearms culture... Baum hones and polishes his investigation like he would an antique Winchester.”

The Daily Beast: I practice being, essentially,  an armed school teacher during a mass shooting.

WGN Radio Chicago: Interview with Mike McConnell

Denver Diatribe: Podcast of hourlong discussion with Joe Warner, et al.

Jewish Daily Forward “Arty Semite” blog: Interview about Jews and guns.

Wall Street Journal: “Why Our Gun Debate is Off Target,” a long excerpt from Gun Guys about the need for gun guys to lock up their guns.

Winnipeg Free Press: A stinker of a review by a writer who seems most offended that Knopf would publish such a book after Sandy Hook.

Tampa Bay Times: “An accomplished nonfiction storyteller, ... Baum's also more much articulate than the average gun-lover — or hater.” (Also ran in the Orange County Register.)

KWGN-TV Denver: “Daybreak” interview with  Tom Green

Boulder Camera: Interview about the book, as curtain raiser for bookstore appearance.

San Diego Union-Tribune: “A provocative, probing and frequently funny journey deep into the mentality of the approximately 40 percent of Americans who own guns.”

Prairie Public Radio: Long, thoughtful interview.

Oxford American: Good long interview as companion piece to the “Hogzilla” excerpt (see Articles.

American Enterprise Institute: Is this a review? Or just an essay bashing liberals? Hard to tell. But at least it’s positive toward Gun Guys.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Thoroughly entertaining and provocative.”

Christian Science Monitor: “A wonderfully guileless and open-minded guide to American gun culture.... Baum, a fearless reporter of sharp eye and witty phrase, has done a public service.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Fascinating, intelligent... Gun Guys is a necessary, insightful dose of down-the-middle reporting on a debate largely defined by extremes.”

Reuters: Dense little Q&A about Gun Guys. Also ran on Yahoo and in the Chicago Tribune.

Minnesota Public Radio: A good, long, careful interview about Gun Guys.

Gun Guys
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The National Memo: “An insightful and humorous look at the battle of guns and gun laws in the United States.” Long excerpt.

The Jewish Week: Q&A, edited to make me look a little crazier than I am.

Fox News: “Happening Now.” Good interview about Colorado’s new gun laws.

KCRW (NPR): “To the Point.” Conversation with Warren Olney and others.

Buffalo News: ”This is a breezy, anecdote-filled, humorous read, penned by a terrific writer who travels across much of the country to learn what makes his fellow gun owners tick.”

C-Realm Podcast: Long and thoughtful interview with someone who’d read the book.

Chicago Reader: “Thank goodness we have Dan Baum to guide us through this morass.”

The New Yorker: Adam Gopnik allows that the book is “interesting,” even while sneering at the premise, as well as at the people in the book.

BBC-TV: Good, straight-up TV interview, making me look only slightly crazier than I am.

The Week: A digest of glowing reviews that somehow manages to make them sound more ambivalent than they are.

The New York Times: A videotaped conversation wtih Joe Nocera, one of the Times’s very pro-gun-control columnists. An edited transcript of the conversation is above.

The New York Times: A conversation with Joe Nocera, one of the Times’s pro-gun-control columnists. Edited video of the conversation is below.

Fox Radio: “Kilmeade & Friends.” “Obama Supporter Dan Baum Explains Why The President HAS IT ALL WRONG!” 10-minute interview.

Maclean’s: “Baum stretches across the divide like few others.”

NPR: “The Takeaway.” Unusually smart discussion of guns and gun control.

CNN Soundwaves Podcast: Nice, quiet interview about the book and gun policy.

Believer Magazine: Good interview in Dave Eggers’s magazine; not a pdf alas, only a link.

Florida Times-Union: “A fascinating look at a part of our culture often vilified without recourse.”

Library Journal: “VERDICT: This is briskly paced, personal, funny, and engrossing.”

AR Guns & Hunting: Nice interview from a gun-rights and shooting perspective. This is a link because of odd online format, not a pdf.

MSNBC “All In” with Chris Hayes: Short, punchy interview.

RTVE Spanish TV: “El Culto al Colt,” a documentary about American gun culture starring yours truly.

The Oxford American: “Hogzilla,” an excerpt from Gun Guys.

Harper’s: “On Gun Control and the Great American Debate Over Individualism” a Harper’s blog post to accompany my June 2013 cover story: “How to Build Your Own AR-15.”

Politix: “What Do Liberals Have Wrong About Guns?” A decent interview.

The Austinist: Nice, earnest interview.

New York Review of Books: "Baum sets out to understand what motivates so many Americans to be "gun guys"... [and] depicts these people and their different motives with genuine empathy."

WNYC: “The Leonard Lopate Show.” Pretty good interview, mostly off the Harper’s article, “How to Build Your Own AR-15.”
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