Military Stories by Dan Baum

from The New Yorker

"Mission to Sumatra," about the US Marines' relief efforts after the 2004 Asian tsunami. The New Yorker (February 7, 2005)

"Battle Lessons," about how junior Army officers in Iraq are using the Internet to teach each other how to fight the war. The New Yorker  (January 17, 2005)

"Two Soldiers," about two soldiers killed in Iraq and how the dead return home. The New Yorker (August 9 &16, 2004)

"The Price of Valor," about the psychological cost of killing in war and how neither the Army nor the VA had the vocabulary to help veterans. The New Yorker (July 12-19, 2004) This article won Medill School of Journalism's 2004 John Bartlow Martin Award and prompted changes in military policy.

"The Casualty," about a soldier wounded in Iraq, The New Yorker (March 8, 2004)
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