Folding electric bike

Hello, neighbors. It was terrific seeing so many of you at the party on =

A good opportunity has arisen to acquire a groovy thing and help out a =
couple of nice young people, and I thought I’d share it.

Yesterday, Margaret and I hiked to Ouzel Falls in the Wild Basin section =
of Rocky Mountain National Park. (If you haven’t been, it’s a great hike of just the right length to a true eye-popper of a natural feature.)

On the trail we met Christoph and Inga, two delightful thirty-something
Germans taking a few months to see the Americas in a really impressive
camper built out of a Mitsubishi L300.=20

Among their possessions is a folding electric bicycle that they would like to sell. The specifications are below. Much as they tried to get us to handle and try out (and buy) their bike, we declined, so I haven’t seen this one. I can attest, though, that owning folding bikes is terrific. We had two plain pedal folders that would fit together in the trunk of our car and we would bring along on long road trips for exercise and short-distance travel. I’ve never tried an electric folding bike, though I imagine they’d be a lot of fun. Our Moss Rock neighbor Gerry Stellern recently acquired an electric bike (not folding) and seems really enthusiastic about it. The older I get, the more an electric bike looks like the way to get a load of groceries up the hill from Sprouts. Christoph and Inga are in the Boulder area and would like to get the bike sold before they push off to the canyons of Utah, so if this interests you, please get in touch with them soon. Here is what Christoph says about the bike he’d like to sell you:

The bike:

The bike has only a milleage of aprox 220 miles (350 km). From technical side it is as good as new. Only due to the transport the bike has partly a bit rust and different scratches. But nothing what influeces thy cycling conditions.

The color is dark blue. It is a unisex model and can be driven by a woman or man. It is a pedelac. That means you have to pedaling to get a support by the engine. But it is sufficant just to do as if, to get the support. At the time the pedal is turning, the engine starts.

As spare part we have an extra new tire and hose.

It is a realy good bike with high quality components.

Technical Specifications: (Translated from manufacturer website)

Weihgt: 24,00 Kg (52,91 lbs)

Display: Das-Kit, L6B, LCD, 6 support levels with 6km/h (miles/h) Traction support

Controller: Das-Kit, CT4 Controller, 36V 14A

Engine: Das-Kit, R2S, 36V 250W, 25KM/H (15,53 miles /h), rear Engine

Battery: B1U-3615H, 36V 15Ah, 540Wh cells: Li-NCM-18650,with USB Port (Phone, Tablet Loadingfunction with 1A amperage) Range aprox. 60-90km (37,3 – 55,9 miles)

Charger: 36V 2A (M362DE) with XLR-plug

Frontlight: LED, KENDO by Spanninga 15 LUX, Power suuply via the main Battery

Rearlight: LED, SOLO by Spanninga Power suuply via 2 x AAA 1.5V

Frame: Alu. 6061, 15″*400MM

Fork: ZOOM CH-190

Handlebar: Promax, Aluminium

Brake handle: Artek, with brake interruption (cuts the engine if you pull the left handle)

Brakes: Front/Rear: Tektro Scheibenbremse, mechanically

Gear Change: Shimano, Tourney FT35, 7 Gang

crankset: Prowheel, 52T

pinion: Freewheel, 7 gear, 14-28T

Tire: Schwalbe, Big Apple, 20″*2.0

Selle: Selle Royal, brown (imitaion leather)

selle support: Aluminum 27.2*CM, 350mm(foldable)

Handles: Selle Royal, brown (Kunstleder)

pedals: Wellgo F178, doldable

max load: 100kg (220,5 lbs)

Bike Dimension (Meter):

A in m 1,58 m ( 5,18 ft)

B in m 0,52 m (1,71 ft)

C in m 0,40 m (1,31 ft)

D in m 1,17 m ( 3,84 ft)

E in m 0,80 – 0,90 m (2,62 – 2,95 ft)

Dimensions when folded width x high x depth = ca. 90 x 70 x 60 cm (2,95 x 2,3 x 1,97 ft)

We thought about a price of 500 $.
The normal price is 1100 Euro or 1300$
We think it is a realy good discount for 250 miles and some scratches 😉

Christoph and Inga are in the Boulder area for another day or two before going the canyons of Utah. If you’re interested in seeing this bike, please write to Christoph at

Thanks, all.

Dan Baum

1650 Lombardy Drive