Dan Baum

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I’ve been a reporter since 1981 and a freelancer since 1987, when I married Margaret Knox and we began thirty-one years of working together as writers and editors. You can read about how our collaboration works here.

Please follow the links above to a selection of the magazine articles we’ve produced together and to our four books.

While I used to have a side business editing book and magazine-article proposals, I had to quit that more than two years ago. Please don’t send me proposals to edit; you may not hear back from me.

I am sorry about that. But aspiring writers may want to examine the two pages of proposals — one of proposals that secured us good  magazine assignments, one for the proposals that sold our four books. Links to those are above. Everything I know about writing proposals is in those, and in my writing blog. I hope you find them helpful.

You may contact us here.